What is your repair policy?

Our policy is to get gear repaired and back in the mail to you within 15 business days. During peak season* times it may take up to 30 business days to complete and ship back repairs. If you require a repair sooner than our normal fulfillment timeframe, consult your local tailor or seamstress to see if it's something that they can repair. Wherever possible, we will provide store credit for repairs done by third parties**.

Garments sent in for repair must be clean; please wash items for repair before mailing. Unwashed garments will be returned to sender without repair.

If you need a repair, please email q@minisryofsupply.com to start the process. Be sure to include:

  • Description of the damage and how it occurred
  • Photos of the product and damaged area
  • Order number for the original product order


*Peak Season - October-February

**We pay for repairs that we’re responsible for (manufacturing/design defects or flaws, though rare)

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