Is there anything I can do to make sure my delivery goes smoothly?

We try to make shipping and delivery as easy as possible. Some simple things you can do to make sure you receive your package without complication are:

  • Provide a phone number during checkout - this makes it easy for the carrier to contact you in case there are any issues or questions during the delivery process.
  • Ship to an address that will allow you to be present during delivery - if you can receive packages at work and it’s not a hassle to bring home, we find that this works best. If you would prefer to receive your order at home, opting to work from home if possible increases your chances of receiving the package on the first delivery attempt.
  • Track your package frequently - Keeping up-to-date on your package’s whereabouts will ensure that you have the most accurate data available. The quicker you know about an issue with delivery, the better chances are that something can be done before it gets rerouted back to us.



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