How do you select your manufacturers and supply chain partners?

We evaluate our manufacturing partners on three primary criteria:  ethics, capabilities, and service.  The first "gate" is to ensure that the partner is treating its employees well, and the working conditions are great - which we achieve through visits, audits, and certifications.   Second, we look at capabilities - does the factory have the right machinery and skills?  Are they willing to invest in equipment and training?  Finally, we look at service - we tie ourselves to partners who are willing to invest in our future and growth by providing service above and beyond a transactional standard.   Beyond that, we're open to just about anyone, anywhere.  

Today, we primarily manufacture in the United States, China, and Taiwan and partner with mills across the world.  We fulfill all of our products out of Devens, Massachusetts.

We're excited to build a world class value chain that sees beyond purchase orders - with a focus on the highest quality and ethically sourced products that exceed our customer's needs.  


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